About Hurricane Car Lot

With more than 60 GREAT cars and trucks to chose from, Hurricane Car Lot is YOUR car lot of choice for QUALITY pre-owned vehicles!!! Find out today why so many people choose the Super Heroes at HCL. Description Hurricane car lot is just that. A Hurricane and a car lot met at a bar, and next thing you know 8 Super Heroes are born to defend your right to drive. Even evil villains need a ride, that's where we come in. Just pay on time and we wont bust out the super powers to show you whats up. Some of us have powers to get you on the road, others have the power to smack down some gimme dat, while othe...See More General Information Located in Hurricane on State Street across from Maverick Gas Station.

Hurricane Car Lot
185 West State St 84737
Hurricane, UT
Phone: 435-635-4707
E-mail: t.stout@hurricanecarlot.com